Kidder Comedian

  • This work was undertaken in one frantic summer; I woke up every day at 8am, worked on it till 12am, went to my two summer jobs came home around 10pm.
  • It felt necessary at the time to find a way to explain the events which led me to become an artist. It is probably the first real affirmation and acceptation of my condition of artist. First of all, I wrote notes on memories that were symbolic and that I wanted to share, then I had to work out the chronology of all these events, I then used chapters, each chapter contains 5 pages; this rigid structure helped me be more selective on what I would say which translates the urgent feeling I had at the time. It created efficiency in both the planning and execution of this work: I had to have this story “told” and out of my system.
  • Ink and plume is a difficult tool to use but it felt suited to the story; it had to be a labour of pain.

published by Le Gour des Dames      facebook

available on Amazon

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