Two Lovers (A Kiss)

The pathological need to stage one’s own romance has not passed me by, in this acrylic painting, a basic, universal thought is at play.

The style borrows from the comic book form and pop art. The choice of colours for the couple is simple: blue for the lady and red for the man. A straight opposition in schemes which corresponds to the complementary of two individuals creating a new universe that is completely unique. It cannot be seen on this reproduction but the background is a dark shade of purple…

The thought, like many thoughts of Roy Fox Lichtenstein’s characters. describes a moment of tension. It simplicity also gives away something which is at the core of what makes relationship genuinely complicated; the impossibility of describing exactly a particular feeling. Flaubert’s “mot juste”… The eternal quest for a transparency, a clarity.

This is an authentic attempt at capturing a thrill of romance; the confusion of the senses, the inability to articulate the feeling and the overwhelming power of the other in which I lose myself.

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