Kingdom Animals

Animals are fascinating to watch, once again, it is something that I started doing as a child; I collected animal pictures and had a certain thing for tigers and sharks. I remember spending a huge amount of time staring at drawings of animals from two books called “Animals of Africa” and “Animals of Asia”… We always had a pet. I have a pet now. Lovin’ it!

The unpredictability of animals is particularly fun. It fits in well with the unpredictable element of film photography itself. The shapes made by animals are distinctive and every animal being the symbol of different ideas. It allowed me to question myself on themes such as curiosity, strength, grace or aggression.

Double exposure gives the animals a look which is at times eerie, at times scary; it sometimes leads them to be incorporated to a different environment.

Plastic cool Diana Mini is discreet and allows me to get close to the subjects despite the initial fear (I am quite scared of birds).

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