Sophie Calle, Private Intoxication

A woman and her humble pets

It was during one of my Paris escapades that I discovered Sophie Calle, there was a retrospective of her work at the Pompidou Centre and I spent hours in there looking at everything very attentively.


Sophie Calle explores themes that are very personal including obsession and the meaning of privacy. I think she also has a true feel for the wonders of everyday life. By its nature, her work is playful but also genuinely unsettling.


Hotel – Room 26. Sophie Calle was employed as a maid for a year and took pictures of people’s belongings.

Suite vénitienne. Following a man she met at a party in Paris all the way to Venice

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  1. I remember seeing her work at Louisiana (near Copenhagen, Denmark) and I loved it. Can’t recall what it was, though (it was years ago), but it did pull me into a certain world/mood/spirit, and it touched me. I’m really lousy at remembering facts, btw, seem to remember “emotional impact” better… Nice to get this reminder of her!

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