ROXANNE!!! Never Not Broken


This is on the wall of my front room.

My baby sister really had a thing for the Hindu gods and goddesses when she was a young girl, she was so funny about it saying cute things like “I wish you the wealth of Lakshmi” and other stuff like that, very specific references… Well, that’s how I learnt a few things about the main characters of the Hindu mythology long before I moved to England.


During one of my wanders, I came across a poster which fascinated me: a woman with an air of incredible confidence holding a trident, at her feet, a pet crocodile.
The people in the shop could not tell me the name of the goddess represented in the picture. I googled it and found out: it was Akhilandeshvari!


Never-not-broken, always shattered and constantly in re-invention, Akhilandeshvari represents the force gathered in times of pain and grief, she is the acceptance of the dire nature of life.

I immediately felt a connection with the philosophy of Akhilandeshvari. This goddess encourages to contemplate with calm situation and embrace the fragmentary essence… To old scars will be added new ones, it’s inevitable.

My Never Not Broken was drawn on A4 paper with technical pens.

Riding her crocodile, she braves the past and the future.






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