The Lady with a Leopard

Self Portrait with Leopard

I had been on a hiatus from anything art related for at least two years when I decided to paint again…

I had been trying with this home-lady type of life, focussing on making my house and myself pretty… thinking that I would never amount to anything as an artist… but this whole attitude got me terribly despressed… indeed, creating art has nothing to do with being recorgnized as an artist by the world; it’s an inner exploration. I understood this whilst painting myself in this interior.

Acrylics on A1 paper circa 2010

There are certain films that just stick with you, mine is Bringing Up Baby directed by Howard Hawks and starring one of the most adorable on-screen couple: Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant wrestling with Baby, the leopard. I must have seen this film over a hundred times.

A compilation of scenes from this wonderful film

6 thoughts on “The Lady with a Leopard

    1. Hey! Thanks! I have several portrait in this style coming up soon.
      Your blog is great! I like good social/political commentary. Keep writing!

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