Tremble Darling

I discovered the pre-raphaelites, like many other things, at my local library. I was only ever allowed to go there in my freetime. It was home or the library… I loved the walk to the library and then the hours spent with books. I remember looking outside at all the people in the sun, on their way to the lake, and here I was, reading Emily Dickinson and learning about the history of glam rock…

I do miss those endless afternoons at the library… When I picked up a book of Rossetti’s work; a man who has a model of woman that is so very much like mine… I was conquered.

This simple fine liner drawing aims to replicate the air of a Rossetti’s woman. The scene is somehow medieval with the addition of the Latin phrase qualis artifex pereo (=what artist dies with me) attributed to Nero right before his death. Nice one!

This depicts a young woman (could it be me… err… of course it is!) looking fierce and ready to take on a challenge. And yes, back in 2005, I was wearing a skull as an earring and I gave the other one to a cute young man.

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