Jeremy Irons on Set

One often wonders about being behind the scenes with the greats. Here, we observe Jeremy Irons, the unforgettable Humbert Humbert of the other Lolita, Kafka in Kafka and Alfred the Butler… amongst others!

Birdy Bird

Birdy bird on the cherry tree.
Birdy bird please sing to me!
Birdy bird a song of sweet melancholy.

The bird on the cherry tree branch was a deep meditation on what it means to be at peace…

Hanoi Mood

When you’re down and out in Hanoi…
Meditative mood in purple, five lotus flowers waiting to bloom.

hanoi mood

from the Fabio Montale collection

Here is the painting that was the inspiration for Hanoi Mood… it’s a shame I do not know the artist… if you do, please contact me. It’s a painting featured in Hanoi’s Fine Arts Museum.

Porn Political Flyers

Yet another evidence of the world famous British humor in London, England.

Snapped outside the Highbury & Islington station on the wall of the Famous Cock tavern circa 2016