Nightime, Battersea Park

I found this camera and wasn’t sure what would come of the film that I stuck in there.
I decided to have daily walks in the park about the same day every day, snapping the familiar spots.
The result is this.
The camera broke right after that. Only one film worth of pictures, most of them are totally black.


For a successful ascent, excellent communication is key.
Cooperation and understanding absolute requisite.

Beware! Ascent is not for the faint hearted! True togetherness takes guts!

Instructions are as follow:
The “go up” signal must be exchanged with your buddy.
During the ascent, face your buddy.
Look up and watch out for surface obstacles.
Keep close together.

Medikate’s Room

Some people are so much like characters from books that being around them feels totally out of time. Medikate is one!
Here’s a part of her room, where the greatest ones met.

50 times the Magic Man

Certain faces are impossible to forget, but more impressive is the impossible-to-shake feeling they instilled in you… Here’s trying to capture this impression.

The process:

Original Nightmare

This will chill you to the bone. The actual first nightmare captured. Many people fainted after watching this, many more decided to totally changed their lifestyles… so be cautious.

âmes sensibles s’abstenir