50 times the Magic Man

Certain faces are impossible to forget, but more impressive is the impossible-to-shake feeling they instilled in you… Here’s trying to capture this impression.

The process:

Original Nightmare

This will chill you to the bone. The actual first nightmare captured. Many people fainted after watching this, many more decided to totally changed their lifestyles… so be cautious.

âmes sensibles s’abstenir

Believe in Yourself

Believe in Yourself

This started innocently: a group of friends, a Friday night and one of our mutual favourite activities, watching a film! Our hearts were set on a film which at least promised to be interesting, The Wiz.

I remember learning about The Wiz when I read a comic book version of a biography of Michael Jackson (when I was probably about 9 or 10). And recently, in an innocent charity shop, I found the DVD of this legendary film. I was blown away by the cover and even more by the cast: Michael looks like a disturbing rag doll, Diana Ross as Dorothy, Richard Pryor as Oz and Lena Horne as Glinda… Lena Horne! This was so unpredictably strange, I wondered why I never tried to watch it before… When I told the others, we all got so excited!

And then we started…

This unforgettable experience had to somehow be documented. This is a pencil drawing including glitters and even some blood of the artist. Pencils remind me of colouring times before I could even read.

the whole song, only for the brave!

Warning! The following video might make you sick.

The Lost Lil’ Gal

At the edge of the forest, innocence embarks on a journey which will transform her into a force of nature…
But she doesn’t know it yet.

“Let go of the hand that led you, lose yourself on the obscure paths of truth.”

From the R.F Bernard collection


Sometimes, you just have to swim in the alchemical bath, uncover what lies beneath at the bottom of it all.