The Flamingo Strides On

Trapped in a box of glass during a tempest of ashes, the flamingo strides on.

Made from the ashes and carefully cut flamingo of a card of last words given by a true teacher…

…and sometimes that teacher will teach you pain and then you can look into yourself and find how to grow from the pain…

Thank you teacher!
Thank you teachers!

The Girl Can’t Help it, Little Richards, John Waters, Divine, Pink Flamingo… A real sensation!

Modulove Starring William Patrick Corgan (aka Billy Corgan)

When Billy Corgan announced in March 2014 that he was going to perform an eight/nine hour ambient jam inspired by Herman’s Hesse’s Siddharta at his tea shop Madame Zuzu in Chicago, there was not a doubt me and a few of the chosen few would be watching (at least some of it…I mean come on’!)

Oneohtrix was on the same page, he followed the entire event tweeting along the whole time. 
Oneohtrix Pointnever was on the same page, he followed the entire event tweeting along the whole time. Some of his tweets had us in stitches… great times!

History was being made, and here is my humble hommage to this intense experience with music by The Pale Faces

A masterpiece of stop motion animation

Live/Re-live the moment – for the mavericks only!

Work in Progress ~ Toucan Série

To commemorate the real life vision of a toucan in flight…

I knew that this image had to be reproduced in some way. I always wanted to try and paint using nail polish because I love how bright and glossy they can be.

Then I found the glass and it clicked…