Self Portrait in Purple Dress

When I started to paint, I sometimes used my mum’s old watercolour box, it is a medium that I associate with her very much. Since then, I have developed my skills with watercolours and this is one of my first attempt at a portrait using them.
Self Portrait in Purple

Clued In

This is a celebration of the power of the simple things that surround us.
The incredible pressure to perform, achieve, comply turns us into machines which energy feeds a black hole. We spend our time, irrelevant and alienated when we could be moved by the virtue of what is deemed common.

The naive attitude which is required in order to start appreciating the beauty of the “trivial” shows itself with the use of soft watercolours and the choice of simple features.

Watercolours on paper ©2015

ooh..  and mindfulness is just so NOW!

Self Portrait with Koala Bear

This is me in England, a country I call home. I have mostly lived in post industrial places and have frequently walked hours of streets displaying identical houses, each slightly personalised with touches ranging from pictures of the duchess of Cambridge to objects of a questionable taste.

The koala bear is my version of Katharine Hepburn’s monkey (at the start of her career, she used to walk around the streets of Hollywood with a monkey to get noticed). The koala seems like an anomaly here, and so am I.

Self Portrait with Koala Bear