I Wanna Dance With Somebody

The contrast between the upbeat, cheery, innocent tone of the song and the expression of utter despair on the man’s face listening to it struck me and had to be recorded. A bus ride scene. An experience shared…

The eighties and its array of visuals…

Remote Boy

Remote boy with his magic remote.
Controlling his world remotely.

Jeremy Irons on Set

One often wonders about being behind the scenes with the greats. Here, we observe Jeremy Irons, the unforgettable Humbert Humbert of the other Lolita, Kafka in Kafka and Alfred the Butler… amongst others!

Tremble Darling

I discovered the pre-raphaelites, like many other things, at my local library. I was only ever allowed to go there in my freetime. It was home or the library… I loved the walk to the library and then the hours spent with books. I remember looking outside at all the people in the sun, on their way to the lake, and here I was, reading Emily Dickinson and learning about the history of glam rock…

I do miss those endless afternoons at the library… When I picked up a book of Rossetti’s work; a man who has a model of woman that is so very much like mine… I was conquered.

This simple fine liner drawing aims to replicate the air of a Rossetti’s woman. The scene is somehow medieval with the addition of the Latin phrase qualis artifex pereo (=what artist dies with me) attributed to Nero right before his death. Nice one!

This depicts a young woman (could it be me… err… of course it is!) looking fierce and ready to take on a challenge. And yes, back in 2005, I was wearing a skull as an earring and I gave the other one to a cute young man.