Lost Girls – All The Kingdoms of the World in a Moment of Time

This video is an experiment in extreme slow motion and extreme close ups. The concept is by Jonney Buck, he also edited the whole thing.

I had some input in the photography in this video, particularly some of the keyboard angles and drum angles.

The video shows details of instruments and performers: I wore my roller skater outfit complete with playful pigtails and a fringed shirt.
I am seen playing my wonderful Kaoss Pad by Korg and my faithful Casio SA 1 (another incredible car boot find!).
Jonney, playing the drums, wears a The Mask mask sent to him straight from China, a Fassbinder t-shirt from print artist Cruise Or Be Cruised.

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The Pale Faces – Ocean Wide

A mayhem of flesh in the first video for The Pale Faces. The concept is simple: burlesque ladies dancing and a band playing. It was a real treat to spend a whole afternoon with the Demon Belles Burlesque group. So many girls and so much flesh, Fellini style!

The result is a profusion of colours  and shapes in movement. There is a feel of overload which goes well with the theme of the song itself: the struggle between inner life and its implications in reality which is central to my woes.

The shooting was done methodically and a list of shots was devised, this list included some shots I suggested; why not try to see if you can spot them in the video?

Behind the scenes

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Modulove Starring William Patrick Corgan (aka Billy Corgan)

When Billy Corgan announced in March 2014 that he was going to perform an eight/nine hour ambient jam inspired by Herman’s Hesse’s Siddharta at his tea shop Madame Zuzu in Chicago, there was not a doubt me and a few of the chosen few would be watching (at least some of it…I mean come on’!)

Oneohtrix was on the same page, he followed the entire event tweeting along the whole time. 
Oneohtrix Pointnever was on the same page, he followed the entire event tweeting along the whole time. Some of his tweets had us in stitches… great times!

History was being made, and here is my humble hommage to this intense experience with music by The Pale Faces

A masterpiece of stop motion animation

Live/Re-live the moment – for the mavericks only!