Hel – The Beginning

It’s a well known fact that Satan is a keen music lover. In fact, Hel is his band. He chooses human with exceptional purity and get his demons to possess them playing devilish sounds for hours. He assigns some of the involuntary members of this band to only play backwards.

Here, only a snippet of one of these demonic sessions. For anyone to hear more would induce a psychotic episode…


Trulovrox by Fleur Bleue

A jam with some super women.
A quote from a t-shirt is the inspiration behind the title.
A reflection on life is the inspiration behind the title.

The theme/instruction given by yours truly was “noise romance”.

A message to unity. An experiment in the name of love for my God. A love letter…

You’re A Peach by BB Peach

This one was a jam fantasy featuring the amazing wiz kid Ben Parker. You’re A Peach is a celebratory poem and it uses a sample of a Sandie Shaw song.


The cover is composed of a peach and this Instagram selfie of James Franco which came with this sweet message:
Just a general thumbs up💥💥💥 And follow your dreaaammssss🌈🌈🌈🌈

Thank you James Franco!

LifeDeathLife by Lost Girls

For the cover of LifeDeathLife by lightning flash dynamic noise duo Lost Girls, John P. and myself combined forces with two pictures. One taken in Edinburgh, the other in Prague. Both witness to our divergent personalities which strangely, meet.

Life/Death/Life is a concept explored in depth in Clarissa Pinkola Estés in her masterpiece Women Who Run With The Wolves. It allows for a vision of our existence free of the sorrow of loss in the knowledge of that renew is on its way.

My picture alone.

What’s Ur Tale Nightingale? by Love’s Executioner

The cover for the second miracle by genius jam band Love’s Executioner is composed of a double exposed pictures of flowers on flowers, a bird and text.

The phrase “What’s your tale nightingale?” is apparently slang from the fifties meaning basically “What’s up?”. The spelling was modernised for obvious reason (post-modernism anyone?).

It’s another album of pure psychedelic jam! In the zone Baby! Dig it?


The original flowers