Club Crowd

Big club, big crowd… the appeal of electronic music


Lingerie Shop

Lingerie Shop

Shops open and close like it’s nobody’s business, right?
Here, this lingerie shop was soon replaced by a sleek/modern all-black look hairdresser’s…


break of day

Sunrise… the promise of a brand new day full of new discoveries, deaths and deeds…
The sun also rises, also rises, also rises…

Le prêtre et sa bonne

Whilst exploring Guyane, there were these two tile-covered tombs with no names on the side of the road. I asked my friend to stop the car so that I could take a picture.

A minute later, a man came to explain that these tombs were of the local priest and his maid…

Many Faces Have I

35mm film photography/Diana Mini/Multiple exposures Self-portraits #selfies

My own face. What a fascinating thing! Something I did not choose, which is supposed to show my feelings??? I often was told that I had a natural sad look, for sure the result of some duende heritage.
Ever since I was a little girl, I spent a huge amount of time observing my own face in the mirror getting to grips with the subtleties of my features… Not quite my father, not quite my mother either. A newer brand…