Kangaroo – Integral

By popular demand, the integral of the epic love poem Kangaroo from the DH Lawrence book of the same name on one convenient page and in the right order.
Hypnotise yourself in the whirlwind of words salvaged from the tumultuous Lawrencian prose.

Kangaroo – Orest & Neighbours

Kangaroo – Hoy! & J and Z

Kangaroo – Coo-ee & Kangaroo

Kangaroo – The Battle of Tongues & Volcanic Evidence

Kangaroo – At Sea & Diggers

Kangaroo – She and Kangaroo & The Nightmare

Kangaroo – Eve/He Cries & Bits (not available)

Kangaroo – Slaps & A Row in Town

Kangaroo – Kangaroo is Killed & Adieu Australia

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