The Flamingo Strides On

Here is the result of a symbolic act. Performing such a ritual involves destruction and creation in respect with the Life-Death-Life process which governs all.

One of my crulest teachers’ last gift: a card containing a message that seemed so absolutely inappropriate to me regarding the circumstances at the time… This felt like an electroshock: I had to act, it was a matter of psychic life or death.

When you want to influence your environment, you have the possibility to act with force and determination as opposed to letting life wash over you.

At times, we need to send out intentions for a certain thing to end or begin. Here: I wanted toxicity out of my life and beauty to be at the center instead.

I carefully cut out the flamingo from the card and then burnt the rest. I arranged the elements on a pristine white piece of paper and framed the result. The image like a self-portrait of a beautiful creature still graceful among destruction and dirt.

from the R.F Bernard collection

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